2015 Summer Workshop

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June 14-19 2015

Viceroy Hotels, Resorts & Residences, Snowmass, Colorado

Below is a fluid list of speakers provided by the GEM Workshop Coordinator and Focus Groups. The information here serves as a rough guide for those who wish to know the most updated session plans. Due to the nature of the GEM Workshop, Focus Groups may continue to revise their agenda as needed.

All other information about the 2015 Summer Workshop can be found at the GEM Meeting Coordinator Website.


Monday, June 15

0815-1000: Plenary Session

  • MPS tutorial by Toshi Nishimura -- Fast flow channels in the magnetotail and auroral oval: Reconnection, substorm and beyond
  • GSM tutorial by Alex Glocer -- Global modeling of the space environment system

1030-1215: Splinter Sessions

[FG] Tail Environment and Dynamics at Lunar Distances

  • Hui Zhang: Transient phenomena at tail Bow shock and magnetopause
  • Sheng-Hsien Chen: K-H at the magnetopause and waves at LLBL
  • Denny Oliveria: Tail response to interplanetary shocks
  • Tim Stubbs (presented by David Sibeck): Mid-tail structure
  • Rob Fear: Magnetotail structure associated with transpolar arcs
  • Peter Chi: Ion cyclotron waves at the Moon and their connection to the plasma sheet and the lunar exosphere
  • Ivan Vasko:Geotail observations in mid and distant tail
  • Andrei Runov: Reconnection in the mid-tail
  • John Lyon: LFM simulation of bubble formation in mid-tail during growth phase
  • Joe Borovsky: The role of mid-tail in Geospace Systems Science

[FG] The Ionospheric Source of Magnetospheric Plasma--Measuring, Modeling and Merging into the GEM GGCM

Merged Ionosphere-Magnetosphere Models

  • Bob Schunk: Generalized Polar Wind Models of GEM Storms, 1 (15 min)
  • Vince Eccles: Generalized Polar Wind Models of GEM Storms, 2 (15 min)
  • Abdallah Barakat: Generalized Polar Wind Models of GEM Storms, 3 (15 min)
  • Dan Welling: Merged Ionosphere-Magnetosphere Models (20 min)
  • Katie Garcia-Sage: MFLFM Ionosphere-Magnetosphere Simulation Results (20 min)
  • Bill Lotko: Overview of Recent LFM Modeling and Thoughts for the Future (20 min)

[FG] Testing Proposed Links between Mesoscale Auroral and Polar Cap Dynamics and Substorms

  • Larry Lyons: Review--Hybrid scenario
  • Mike Henderson: Review--Inside-out scenario
  • Larry Kepko: Review--Outside-in scenario
  • Ohtani/Motoba: Event presentation
  • Yukinaga Miyashita: Event presentation
  • Murphy/Mann/Rae: Event presentation
  • Nishimura/Lyons: Event presentation
  • Phil Pritchett: Comments from modeler
  • Joachim Birn: Comments from modeler
  • Misha Sitnov: Comments from modeler
  • Mostafa El-Alaoui: Comments from modeler
  • Walk-ins welcome.

1330-1500: Splinter Sessions

[FG] Quantitative Assessment of Radiation Belt Modeling

Session 1 (Mon, 01:30-03:00 PM, Salon 2): “Radiation Belt (RB) observations and modeling results”

Chairs: Weichao Tu and Steve Morley

1. Mary Hudson: Recent simulation of the 'St Patrick's Day storm'
2. Alexander Drozdov: The VERB code modeling of the St. Patrick’s day Storm
3. Dan Baker: Impenetrable Barrier during March 17 2015 storm
4. Allison Jaynes: Fast diffusion of ultra-relativistic electrons: 17 March 2015 storm event
5. Thiago Brito: Simulations on Radiation Belt Electron Precipitation Response to ULF Waves
6. Drew Turner: Storm-time analysis of RB
7. Xinlin Li: Deep Injections of 10s – 100s of keV electrons (RBSP observations)
8. Jay Albert: Modeling “peculiar” pitch angle distributions with MS waves

[FG] The Ionospheric Source of Magnetospheric Plasma--Measuring, Modeling and Merging into the GEM GGCM

Merged Ionosphere-Magnetosphere Models Compared to Observations

  • Dan Welling: Merged Ionos-Magnetosphere Models for GEM Storms (15 min)
  • Lynn Kistler: Cluster Measurement/Model Comparisons During GEM Storms (20 min)
  • Joe Borovsky: LANL Measurement/Model Comparisons During GEM Storms (20 min)
  • Stein Haaland: The Estimation of Cold Plasma Outflow During Storms (20 min)
  • Discussion

[FG] Testing Proposed Links between Mesoscale Auroral and Polar Cap Dynamics and Substorms

  • Robert McPherron: Point Processes: Association of Lists
  • Nadine Kalmoni: Auroral dispersion relation
  • Kyle Murphy: tools and methods
  • Eric Donovan: Circle grams

1530-1700: Splinter Sessions

[FG] Quantitative Assessment of Radiation Belt Modeling

Session 2 (Mon, 03:30-05:00 PM, Salon 2): “Various magnetospheric wave characteristics and their global distribution required in RB modeling”

Chairs: Wen Li and Jay Albert

1. Ashar Ali: Radial Diffusion Coefficients Using E and B Field Data from the Van Allen Probes
2. Seth Claudepierre: Advertisement for the GEM ULF Wave Challenge
3. Xinlin Li: Relation between ULF and radial diffusion of RB electrons
4. Lauren Blum: The relationship between EMIC waves and radiation belt electron precipitation
5. Wen Li: Global distribution of chorus wave intensity using the statistical model and POES technique
6. Jay Albert: Nonlinear wave-particle interaction
7. Qianli Ma: Evaluation of electron scattering due to typical magnetosonic waves using analytical formula
8. Lunjin Chen: The effect of bounce resonance with magnetosonic waves on the radiation belt electrons
9. Oleksiy Agapitov: Storm-induced energization and losses of radiation belt electrons: Effects of wave obliquity

[FG] The Ionospheric Source of Magnetospheric Plasma--Measuring, Modeling and Merging into the GEM GGCM

Inter-Model Comparison for GEM Storm Periods and New Measurements

  • Continued Discussion of Merged Models and Measurements Comparison
  • Naritoshi Kitamura: Ion Outflow Topics (20 min)
  • Roger Varney: Hysteresis Effects in Coupled MFLFM-IPWM Models (15 min)
  • Barbara Giles: Initial Plasma Measurements from MMS (20 min)
  • Jonathan Krall: Ion Fluxes Into and Out of a Model Plasmasphere During Storm and Plasmasphere Refilling During Quiet Time (20 min)

[FG] Testing Proposed Links between Mesoscale Auroral and Polar Cap Dynamics and Substorms

  • Ohtani/Motoba: Event presentation
  • Miyashita: Event presentation
  • Murphy/Mann/Rae: Event presentation
  • Nishimura/Lyons: Event presentation
  • Vassilis Angelopoulos: HSO
  • FG learders: Future planning

Tuesday, June 16

0815-1000: Plenary Session

  • IMAG tutorial by Weichao Tu -- Quantitative Modeling of Radiation Belt Dynamics: Overview and Challenges
  • IMAG tutorial by Seth Claudepierre -- Van Allen Probes: Where We've Been and Where We're Going

1030-1215: Splinter Sessions

[FG] Quantitative Assessment of Radiation Belt Modeling

Session 3 (Tue, 10:30-12:15 PM, Salon 2): “Seed populations, plasma density, and magnetic field configuration required in RB modeling”

Chairs: Jay Albert and Weichao Tu

1. Natalia Ganushkina: Low energy electrons in the inner magnetosphere
2. Mick Denton: An empirical model of electron and ion fluxes derived from observations at geosynchronous orbit
3. Alex Boyd: Quantifying the Radiation Belt Seed Population During the Van Allen Probes Era
4. Jian Yang: RCM-E simulation of energetic electron injections during an idealized storm
5. Oleksiy Agapitov: Time Domain Structures: generation mechanisms and effects for electrons
6. Xiangrong Fu: Double layers associated with electron/ion acoustic waves
7. James McCollough: DSX is still happening
8. Alex Crew: New results from FIREBIRD II
9. Quintin Schiller: A novel technique to apply electron lifetimes to radial diffusion models

[FG] The Ionospheric Source of Magnetospheric Plasma--Measuring, Modeling and Merging into the GEM GGCM

General Discussion of Modeling and Observations and Focus Group Planning

  • Yuri Omelchenko: Global Multiscale Magnetospheric Simulations: HYPERS (15 min)
  • John Wygant: The Powering of Highly Efficient Poynting Flux-Driven Wind Using Polar Spacecraft Measurements (15 min)
  • Bruce Fritz: Ion Upflow Dependence on Ionospheric Density and Solar Photoionization (15 min)
  • Bill Peterson: A New Look at DE-1 Escaping Ion Observations at Non-Storm Times (10 min) -- Accompanying poster by Kristina Lu

[FG] (Joint) Testing Proposed Links between Mesoscale Auroral and Polar Cap Dynamics and Substorms + Scientific Magnetic Mapping & Techniques

  • Shin Ohtani - Morphological mapping based on the stability of the magnetotail
  • Emma Spanswick - Riometer injection
  • Elizabeth Roy - Open-closed boundary
  • Jiang Liu - Current wedge structuring
  • Chao Yue - 3-D magnetic field modeling
  • Chu Xiangning "how does flux transport and pileup change mapping during substorms? "

1330-1500: Splinter Sessions

[FG] Quantitative Assessment of Radiation Belt Modeling

Session 4 (Tue, 01:30-03:00 PM, Salon 2): “RB "dropout" and "buildup" challenges and Planning for future activities”

Chairs: Steve Morley and Wen Li

General short presentations (01:30-02:15 PM)

1. Yuri Shprits: Recent results of the reanalysis
2. Brian Kress: Observations and modeling of rebuilding during storms
3. Zhao Li: 3D test-particle simulation of the 17-18 March, 2013 CME-shock driven storm
4. Shri Kanekal and Dan Baker: Electron bursts during 17 March 2015 storm

"Dropout" and "Buildup" Challenges (02:15-03:00 PM)

5. Drew Turner: Candidate “Dropout” and “Buildup” challenge events
6. QARBM FG leaders: Discussion of “Dropout” and “Buildup” challenge events
7. Open discussions and plan for future FG activities

[FG] Storm-time Inner Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Convection

The two SIMIC sessions on Tuesday afternoon will focus mainly on the chosen events: 2013-03-17 and 2012-11-01 storms

A tentative list of presenters: <Presentation titles omitted>

  1. Shin Ohtani (JHU/APL)
  2. Lyons/Nishimura/Gallardo (UCLA)
  3. Bea Gallardo (UCLA)
  4. Rick Wilder (LASP)
  5. Margaret Chen (Aerospace)
  6. Gang Lu (NCAR)
  7. Jonathan Krall (NRL)
  8. Lois Smith (Michigan)
  9. Alex Glocer for Mei-Ching Fok (NASA)
  10. Mike Liemohn and Roxanne Katus (Michigan)
  11. Yiqun Yu and Vania Jordanova (LANL)
  12. Elizabeth MacDonald (GSFC)
  13. Bob Lysak (Univ. Minnesota)
  14. Mike Schulz
  15. James Weygand (UCLA)
  16. Phil Valek (SwRI)
  17. Brian Anderson (JHU/APL)

[FG] (Joint) Tail-Inner Magnetosphere Interactions + Magnetic Reconnection in the Magnetosphere

Chairs: Vassilis Angelopoulos (TIMI), Pontus Brandt (TIMI), John Lyon (TIMI), Frank Toffoletto (TIMI), Paul Cassak (Reconnection), Yi-Hsin Liu (Reconnection), Andrei Runov (Reconnection), Brian Walsh (Reconnection)

Scene Setting talks

1. Joachim Birn
2. Jim Drake

Contributed talks (amended to reflect order of talks in the session)

1. Phil Pritchett - structure of reconnection flow jets
2. Joo Hwang (by David Sibeck) - recent MMS observations of dipolarization fronts
3. Misha Sitnov - temperature increase at dipolarization fronts
4. Haoming Liang (w/Ashour-Abdalla and Walker) - oxygen effects on dipolarization fronts
5. Mike Wiltberger - flow channels in global MHD simulations
6. Yu Lin - global hybrid simulation of the storm-time magnetotail and reconnection flux ropes

1530-1700: Splinter Sessions

[FG] (Joint) Quantitative Assessment of Radiation Belt Modeling + Inner Magnetosphere Cross-Energy/Population Interactions

Session 5 (Tue, 03:30-05:00 PM, Salon 2): “Joint session with “Inner Magnetosphere Cross-Energy/Population Interactions” FG”

Chairs: Jichun Zhang and Weichao Tu

1. Wen Li: Quantitative simulation of radiation belt electron dynamics using 3D diffusion code
2. Yuri Shprits: Combined Convective and Diffusive Simulation: VERB-4D Results
3. Xiangrong Fu: Modeling EMIC wave generation from ring current ions
4. Anthony Saikin: The geomagnetic condition dependence of the spatial distributions of EMIC waves observed by the Van Allen Probes
5. Jacob Bortnik: Generation of chorus waves in a lab plasma
6. Xin An: Linear excitation of whistler waves
7. Shuo Wu: Hybrid Code Simulations of Whistler Waves in Compressed Dipole Field
8. Chih-ping Wang: Multi-point observation of ULF waves

[FG] Storm-time Inner Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Convection

Continuing the SIMIC session at 1330-1500.

[FG] Geospace Systems Science

“Time Lags in Solar Wind-Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Interactions”

speakers will include

Mick Denton: mass transport

Bob McPherron: physical interpretation of time lags

Roger Varney: ionospheric outflow

Shin Ohtani: circuit timescales

Bob Clauer: ionospheric convection

Audience Discussion

Wednesday, June 17

0815-1000: Plenary Session

  • Agency report by Vladimir Papitashvili -- Introduction
  • Agency report by Janet Kozyra -- NSF GEM Program
  • Agency report by Howard Singer -- NOAA Agency Report
  • Bill Lotko -- Overview of NSF AGS Portfolio Review and Discussion

1030-1215: Splinter Sessions

[FG] Inner Magnetosphere Cross-Energy/Population Interactions

  • Topic: "wave-particle interactions"

June 17, Wednesday 10:30-12:15pm

  1. Mark Engebretson (Challenge event) - Van Allen probes, NOAA, and ground observations of an intense Pc 1 wave event extending 12 hours in MLT and its resulting depletion of the outer radiation belt
  2. Justin Lee (Challenge event) - Discussion of Wave-Particle Interactions during the 18-22 Feb 2014 Storm
  3. Michael Hartinger -The effect of azimuthal wave number on ULF wave-particle interactions
  4. Chen Zhou - Excitation of Dayside Chorus Waves due to Magnetic Field Line Compression in Response to Interplanetary Shocks
  5. Homayon Aryan - The distribution of plasmaspheric Hiss and Chorus waves in the inner magnetosphere as functions of geomagnetic activity and solar wind parameters
  6. Robert Allen - Statistical study of EMIC waves observed by Cluster
  7. Konstantin Gamayunov - Multiscale nature of electromagnetic ion cyclotron wave development in Earth’s magnetosphere
  8. Vania Jordanova - RAM-SCB simulations of plasma wave dynamics
  9. Adam Kellerman - Forecasting the Earth’s radiation environment with GREEP and VERB: a synthesis of empirical- and physics-based modeling across multiple energies and spatial regions

[FG] Transient Phenomena at the Magnetopause and Bow Shock and Their Ground Signatures

Topic: Foreshock and Magnetosheath Phenomena

1. Zixu Liu "THEMIS observations of tangential discontinuity-driven foreshock bubbles"

2. Nick Omidi (presented by Jean Berchem) “Impacts of SHFAs on the Magnetosheath & Magnetopause”

3. Hui Zhang "Evolution of HFAs: Cluster Observations"

4. Olga Gutynska “Density enhancements in the magnetosheath: comparison with simulations”

5. Narges Ahmadi “Effects of Electron Anisotropy in Mirror Instability Evolution in the Magnetosheath”

[FG] Metrics and Validation

Session #1: Magnetopause crossing challenge and additional M&V contributions

  • Lutz Rastaetter: Overview and initial results from the Magnetopause Crossing Challenge
  • Mike Wiltberger: Magnetopause dynamics during the March 17th, 2013 event
  • Rob Redmon: The future of GOES: Magnetic field and particle observation and modeling to determine magnetopause crossings
  • Mike Liemohn: Assessment of the CCMC Experimental Real-time SWMF-Geospace Results
  • Dan Welling: Model skill as a function of solar wind driving.
  • Ilja Honkonen: Data / Model comparisons with GUMICS

M&V Wrap up: Recent highlights and future plans for Metrics & Validation at GEM

  • Howard Singer dicussion lead

[Special] HSO coordination

Discussions on science and campaigns for the upcoming HSO satellite-ground coordination.

  • Vassilis Angelopoulos (Intro, an overview and THEMIS-MMS coordination, THEMIS plans)
  • Toshi Nishimura (a PPT on coordination: times, geometry, tentative assets)
  • Marilia Samara (on MMS and ground based?)
  • Brian Anderson (AMPERE)
  • Eric Donovan (TREx)
  • Stephen Mende (AGOs)
  • Jo Baker (SuperDARN)
  • Yukinaga Miyashita (ERG)
  • Naritoshi Kitamura (Geotail)
  • Sasha Ukhorsky (Van Allen Probes)
  • Marc Lessard (WAIS)
  • Peter Chi (ULTIMA)
  • Drew Turner, Seth Claudepierre, Jacob Bortnik, Mike Hartinger, Shin Ohtani, Jimmy Raeder, Wen Li, Bill Lotko, Rick Chappell, Liz McDonald, Frank Toffoletto, Paul Cassak (Science comments)

1330-1500: Splinter Sessions

[FG] Inner Magnetosphere Cross-Energy/Population Interactions

  • Topic: "plasma-field coupling"

June 17 Wednesday 1:30-3:00pm

  1. Lois Smith - Plasmaspheric Suprathermal Heating from Cyclotron Resonance with Equatorial Noise
  2. Raluca Ilie - Calculating the Inductive electric fields in the terrestrial magnetosphere
  3. Samuel Califf - Van Allen Probes observations of SAPS during the 28 June 2013 geomagnetic storm
  4. Hong Zhao - The evolution of ring current ion energy density and energy content during geomagnetic storms based on Van Allen Probes measurements
  5. Jichun Zhang - “Trunk-like” heavy ion structures observed by the Van Allen Probes
  6. Cristian Ferradas - Ion nose spectral structures observed by the Van Allen Probes
  7. Jesse Woodroffe -
  8. Colby Lemon - Electron precipitation in the March 17, 2013 event

[FG] Transient Phenomena at the Magnetopause and Bow Shock and Their Ground Signatures

1. David Sibeck “The Solar wind Magnetosphere Ionosphere Link Explorer (SMILE) Mission”

2. Christina Chu “Hot Flow Anomalies at the Bow Shock: THEMIS Observations”

3. Brian Walsh “KH waves at the dayside magnetopause”

4. Sun-Hee Lee (Presented by Hui Zhang) “Cold dense plasma observed at the Dayside Magnetopause and their dependence on solar wind and geomagnetic conditions”

5. Chih-Ping Wang “The hot electron enhancement in mid-tail magnetosheath and its dawn-dusk asymmetry”

[FG] Metrics and Validation

Session #2: ULF Wave Challenge - 10 minutes per talk, please...

  • Seth Claudepierre: ULF Wave Challenge overview and addressable science questions


  • Ian Mann: Preliminary challenge time periods based on ground magnetometers
  • Peter Chi: Global distribution of ULF power from ULTIMA, and in-situ observations of poloidal waves
  • Ashar Ali: From Van Allen Probes E & B measurements to radial diffusion coefficients.
  • Chih-Ping Wang: Observations (RBSP, THEMIS, Geotail) and simulations (LFM) of a 2-hour ULF wave interval.


  • Lutz Rastaetter: Newly developed CCMC analysis tools supporting the ULF Challenge, and initial results
  • Colin Komar: ULF power in the BATSRUS model and resonance conditions with electrons
  • Bob Lysak: ULF waves in local MHD model
  • Slava Merkin: ULF waves in the LFM.
  • Scot Elkington: Mode structure calculations

[Special] SPEDAS Software

1530-1700: Splinter Sessions

[FG] Inner Magnetosphere Cross-Energy/Population Interactions

  • Topic: "magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling"

June 17 Wednesday 3:30-5:00pm

  1. Dan Welling - Relationship between ionospheric outflow and the ring current
  2. George Khazanov - Superthermal Electrons Magnetosphere – Ionosphere Coupling in the Regions of Diffuse Aurora
  3. Megan Gillies - Investigating pulsating aurora at low electron energies
  4. Ryan Mcgranaghan - Modes of high-latitude conductance variability derived from DMSP F6-F8 and F16-F18 energetic electron precipitation observations: Empirical Orthogonal Function (EOF) analysis
  5. Alexa Halford (challenge event) - BARREL Observations of long period precipitation on Jan 26th 2013
  6. Jichun Zhang (challenge event) - EMIC waves and associated relativistic electron precipitation on 25-26 January 2013
  7. Yiqun Yu (challenge event) - Modeling ionospheric electron precipitation due to wave particle interactions in the ring current during the 25-26 January 2013 event

[FG] Transient Phenomena at the Magnetopause and Bow Shock and Their Ground Signatures

1. Hyunju Connor “Thermospheric heating in the high-latitude dayside regions after the sudden enhancement of solar wind dynamic pressure: OpenGGCM-CTIM results”

2. Denny Oliveira <dennymauricio@gmail.com> “Impact angle control of IP shock geoeffectiveness: results of simulations and observations"

3. Michael Hartinger “The global structure and time evolution of dayside magnetopause surface eigenmodes”

4. Michael Hartinger “The effect of northern-southern hemisphere conductivity asymmetries on ground magnetic responses during a large solar wind transient”

[FG] (Joint) Magnetic Reconnection in the Magnetosphere + Metrics and Validation

Chairs: Masha Kuznetsova (CCMC), Lutz Rastaetter (CCMC), Paul Cassak (Reconnection), Yi-Hsin Liu (Reconnection), Andrei Runov (Reconnection), Brian Walsh (Reconnection),

The Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) satellites were recently launched to measure the electron dissipation region during magnetic reconnection. NASA's Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC), a repository of codes and models with runs-on-request, is pursuing support of MMS science, including the implementation of particle-in-cell simulations to their portfolio. This session will include a discussion of what capabilities members of the community (modelers and observers alike) would like from CCMC for MMS science.

[Special] TDAS demo

Thursday, June 18

0815-1000: Plenary Session

  • SWMI tutorial by Robert Fear -- Flux transfer events: Looking ahead to MMS
  • Student-invited tutorial by Barbara Giles -- Engage in NASA's newest flagship to understand the fundamental process of magnetic reconnection -- Magnetospheric Multiscale

1030-1215: Splinter Sessions

[FG] Geospace Systems Science

“Analysis of Extreme Events”

Surja Sharma: overview talk

Jeff Love: Dst statistics

Slava Merkin: ionospheric turbulence

Allison Jaynes: seed populations of relativistic electrons

Audience Discussion

[FG] Scientific Magnetic Mapping & Techniques

  • Challenge work in progress, OCB work especially welcome
  • Speakers including Peter Porazik 'Modification of the loss cone for energetic particles', Phil Valek "TWINS/RBSP comparison on Nov 14., 2012 storm, Kristie Llera, Liz MacDonald "OCB scenario Nov 14 2012", Alexa Halford "BARREL OCB observations," and more

[FG] (Joint) Tail-Inner Magnetosphere Interactions + Storm-time Inner Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Convection

Topics include overlap with TIMI (role of entropy bubbles in the inner magnetosphere), as well as other topics relevant to both focus groups.

Presenters: <presentation titles omitted>

  1. Mike Wiltberger
  2. Mike Henderson(LANL)
  3. George Khazanov (GSFC)
  4. Sheng-Hsien (Sean) Chen (GSFC)
  5. Matina Gkioulidou (JHU/APL)
  6. Shin Ohtani (JHU/APL)
  7. Xueling Shi (VTech)
  8. Jian Yang (Rice U.)
  9. Bing Yang (U. Calgary)
  10. Natalia Ganushkina (U. Michigan)

1330-1500: Splinter Sessions

[FG] (Joint) Geospace Systems Science + Magnetic Reconnection in the Magnetosphere

Chairs: Joe Borovsky (Systems), Bill Lotko (Systems), Vadim Uritsky (Systems), Juan Valdivia (Systems), Paul Cassak (Reconnection), Yi-Hsin Liu (Reconnection), Andrei Runov (Reconnection), Brian Walsh (Reconnection)

Scene setting talks

1. Binzheng Zhang
2. Colin Komar

Contributed talks

1. Misha Sitnov - tearing stability criterion
2. Bill Lotko - effects of auroral (low-altitude) field-aligned potential drops on nightside reconnection and energy flow in MI coupling
3. Yi-Hsin Liu, Orientation of x-line in asymmetric reconnection
4. Phil Pritchett - instability of current sheets with a localized accumulation of magnetic flux
5. Slava Merkin - magnetotail stability in the presence of B_z minimum
6. Misha Sitnov - new class of equilibria taking into account dipole field and B_z hump

[FG] Scientific Magnetic Mapping & Techniques

  • The final session, surveying progress and the path forward!
  • Raluca Ilie "mapping isotropic boundaries to the tail"
  • Ideas to consider: EOS or review article, new focus group (and topics?), upcoming BARREL-SWEDEN campaign

[FG] Tail-Inner Magnetosphere Interactions

Salon 1 Note: First 30 min will be used to finish joint TIMI-Reconnection session from Tuesday

  1. Drew Turner, (Aerospace)
  2. Sasha Ukhorskiy, (JHU/APL), “Proton Acceleration at Injection Fronts in the Inner Magnetosphere”
  3. Chih-Ping Wang, (UCLA)
  4. Christine Gabrielse, (UCLA)
  5. Larry Lyons (UCLA)
  6. Jian Yang, (Rice)

1530-1700: Splinter Sessions

[FG] Geospace Systems Science

“Systems-Science Tools, Methodologies, and Results”

Jacob Bortnik: Machine learning

Misha Balikhin: New model

Konstantin Gamayunov: System-based approach to EMIC waves

Delores Knipp: Estimating uncertainty in DMSP Poynting

Lutz Rastatter: Modeling joule heat in the ionosphere

Mikhail Sitnov: Empirical models

Audience Discussion

[FG] Magnetic Reconnection in the Magnetosphere

Chairs: Paul Cassak (Reconnection), Yi-Hsin Liu (Reconnection), Andrei Runov (Reconnection), Brian Walsh (Reconnection)

1. Ying Zou - imager observations of PBI triggering by polar cap structures (joint with TIMI)
2. Toshi Nishimura - MHD simulation of nightside localized reconnection triggering by lobe flow channels (joint with TIMI)
3. Colby Haggerty, heating during reconnection
4. Shan Wang - Electron heating during magnetotail reconnection: deriving the heating coefficient and effects of unloading
5. Jason Shuster, the microphysics of how electrons are energized by the reconnection process
6. Liang Wang - Integrating a multi-fluid moment code into OpenGGCM
7. Rick Wilder, moving X-line in cusp
8. Paul Cassak, asymmetric reconnection with flow shear

[FG] Tail-Inner Magnetosphere Interactions

Salon 1

  1. Jodie Barker Ream (UCLA), “Pi2 propagation in global MHD simulations”
  2. Aaron Schutza, (Rice), "Thin filament simulations"
  3. Roxanne Katus, (Univ. Michigan), “Magnetospheric ion temperature derived from TWINS flux data”
  4. Zhengwei Cheng, (UNH), , “A case study of the particle carriers of field-aligned currents in the magnetotail during a substorm: Cluster observation.”
  5. Jiang Liu (UCLA), “Asymmetric FACs of dipolarizing flux bundles and how they form the substorm current wedge”

Friday, June 19

0815-0915: Plenary Session

  • MIC tutorial by Stein Haaland -- Cold ion outflow from the polar cap

930-1115: Splinter Sessions

[FG] Geospace Systems Science

“Behavior of the Geospace System”

Jonathan Krall: SAMI3 simulations of M-I-T coupling

Wen Li: solar wind and the radiation belts

Vania Jordanova: multiple connections in the magnetosphere in the SHIELDS project

Joe Borovsky: behavior modes from global correlation analysis

Audience Discussion