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The GEM-ULTIMA Forum is held annually during the mini-GEM Workshops in December. The Forum is organized jointly by GEM and the Ultra Large Terrestrial International Magnetometer Array (ULTIMA). At the Forum participants discuss all topics about ground-based magnetometers, such as the operation of magnetometer stations, data distribution, and research using ground-based magnetometer data. The Forum is open to all interested in ground-based magnetometers and their observations.

Below are the presentations made at the GEM-ULTIMA Forum.

2015 GEM-ULTIMA Forum on Ground-based Magnetometers

Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Sunday, December 13, 2015

Location: Holiday Inn Golden Gateway (Room Gold Rush A)

Array updates:

Science presentations:

2013 GEM-ULTIMA Forum on Ground-based Magnetometers

Time: 10:30 AM - 3:30 PM, Sunday, December 8, 2013

Location: Westin San Francisco Market Street (Cornell Room, Third Floor)

Meeting agenda

  • Part A: ULTIMA Business Meeting
    • Updates from ground-based magnetometer arrays:
      • MAGDAS
      • CARISMA
      • MACCS
      • AMBER, SAMBA
      • McMAC, Falcon, THEMIS
      • SEGMA
      • DTU Space
    • Discussion: ULTIMA operation for global observations
  • Part B: Science and Community Presentations
    • Jeff Love: Updates on Intermagnet Developments and USGS Projects
    • Aki Yoshikawa: Global Cowling Channel Deduced from the MAGDAS Array Observations
    • Mark Engebretson: Investigating the IMF Cone Angle Control of Pc3-4 Pulsations Observed on the Ground
    • Endawoke Yizengaw: Longitudinal Variability of Equatorial Electrodynamics Using Magnetometer Observations
    • Ian Mann: Ground-based and Van Allen Probes Observations of EMIC Waves: Spatial Extent and Ducting
    • Peter Chi: Meteorological Characteristics of Storm-time ULF Waves
    • Eftyhia Zesta: Remote Sensing of the Plasmapause Boundary Layer (PBL)

2012 GEM-ULTIMA Forum on Ground-based Magnetometers

Date: Sunday, December 2, 2012

Time: 9 AM - Noon

Location: Westin San Francisco Market Street (Civic Room, Second Floor)

Meeting agenda

  • Part A: Science Prsentations on Ground Observations
    • Combined Use AMPERE and ground magnetometer data (Martin Connors)
    • Penetration of Pc5 ULF wave Power to low-L: Implications for Radiation Belt Dynamics (Ian Mann)
    • A preview of ULTIMA presenatation on "Array of ground-based magnetometer arrays for monitoring magnetospheric and ionospheric perturbations on a global scale" (Hedi Kawano)
  • Part B: ULTIMA Reports and Meeting
    • DTU Space Magnetometer Array (Claudia Stolle, New Member)
    • SEGMA Array Updates (Mirko Piersanti)
    • MAGDAS Array Updates (George Maeda)
    • CARISMA Array Updates (Ian Mann)
    • MACCS Array Updates (Mark Engebretson)
    • AMBER Array and AMBER-MESAURE-SAMBA Joint Project Updates (Endawoke Yizengaw)
    • SAMBA Array Updates (Eftyhia Zesta)
    • McMAC/Falcon Array Updates (Peter Chi)
    • Updates by other ULTIMA members
    • Discussion on collaborative studies
    • Motions by Members

2011 GEM-ULTIMA Forum on Ground-based Magnetometers

Date: Sunday, December 4, 2011

Location: Westin San Francisco Market Street

Session A. Community Presentations on Ground Magnetometers: Including Stations, Data, and Observations

Session B. ULTIMA Reports and Operation

  • Status reports from magnetometer arrays:
    • AAIMNet by Brian Fraser (University of Newcastle, Australia)
    • AUTUMN by Martin Connors (Athabasca University, Canada)
    • CARISMA by Ian Mann (University of Alberta, Canada)
    • MAGDAS (pdf) by Kiyohumi Yumoto (Kyushu University, Japan)
    • McMAC & Falcon (pdf) by Peter Chi (UCLA, USA)
    • SAMBA by Eftyhia Zesta (Air Force Research Laboratory, USA)
    • SEGMA (pdf) by Mirko Piersanti for Massimo Vellante (University of L'Aquila, Italy)