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This Section contains the GEM tutorials presented at the Summer Workshops. The presentation files are kindly provided by the tutorial speakers. If you use the content in any of these files, please do cite the original source.

2019 Summer Workshop

(Note: If you use any of the following presentations or movies, please cite the original source.)


  1. Andrei Runov: Mystery of the Magnetotail (pdf)
  2. Hong Zhao: System Understanding of Radiation Belt Particle Dynamics through Multi-Spacecraft and Ground-Based Observations and Modeling (pdf)
  3. Jim Burch: Magnetic Reconnection and MMS (pdf)
  4. Katie Garcia-Sage: Assessing Our Predictive Understanding of Geospace Physics at GEM (pdf)
  5. Katie Goodrich: Particle Heating and Thermalization in Collisonless Shocks in the MMS Era (pdf)
  6. Matt Argall: Machine Learning in Space Physics (pdf)
  7. Wen Li: Inner Magnetospheric Waves and Their Impact on the Ionosphere (pdf)

2018 Summer Workshop

(Note: If you use any of the following presentations or movies, please cite the original source.)


  1. Slava Merkin: Magnetotail stability, activity, and connection to the inner magnetosphere: A global modeling perspective (pptx)
  2. Li-Jen Chen: Magnetic reconnection in the age of the Heliophysics System Observatory (pdf)
  3. Harlan Spence: The Saga of Sun-to-Atmosphere: Results from the NSF Frontiers of Earth System Dynamics 'Sun-to-Ice' Project and the NSF FIREBIRD and NASA Van Allen Probes Missions (pptx)
  4. David Sibeck: Overview of Missions Relevant to GEM (pdf)

2017 Summer Workshop

(Note: If you use any of the following presentations or movies, please cite the original source.)


  1. Robert Lysak and Yan Song: Electromagnetic coupling of the magnetosphere to the ionosphere and atmosphere (pdf)
  2. Binzheng Zhang: Whole Geospace modeling -- for space science research and space weather applications (pptx)
  3. Anton Artemyev: Earth magnetotail current sheet -- observations vs. models (pdf)
  4. Christine Gabrielse: Magnetotail dipolarizations and their effects on the inner magnetosphere (pptm)
  5. Stefan Eriksson: New insights from MMS observations on magnetic field reconnection in a large guide magnetic field along the Earth's flank magnetopause (ppt)
  6. Yiqun Yu: Global modeling of the magnetosphere-ionosphere electrodynamic coupling -- overview and challenges (pptx)
  7. Eric Donovan: Citizen sensors -- a new era (pptx)

Mission Updates:

  1. Michael Shay: MMS update (pptx)
  2. Matina Gkioulidou and Sasha Ukhorskiy: Van Allen Probes extended mission (pdf)
  3. Vassilis Angelopoulos: THEMIS mission update -- status and plans (pptx)
  4. David Klumpar and Harlan Spence: Mission status -- FIREBIRD-II (ppsx)
  5. James McCollough: Update on DSX -- demonstration and science experiments (pdf)

2016 GEM-CEDAR Workshop

(Note: If you use any of the following presentations or movies, please cite the original source.)

  1. Marc Lessard: Aurora and ionosphere/thermosphere coupling (pdf video)
  2. Maria Usanova: Wave-particle interactions in the radiation belts (pdf video)
  3. Robert Lysak: Theory and modeling of ULF waves (pptx video)
  4. Michael Hartinger: ULF wave observations in the inner magnetosphere (pdf video)
  5. Hui Zhang: Foreshock and magnetosheath transients and their geoeffects (pdf video)
  6. Jesper Gjerloev: How can we investigate global magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling (pdf)
  7. Roger Varney: Geospace electrodynamics (pdf)

(Videos courtesy of Zhonghua Xu)

2015 Summer Workshop

(Note: If you use any of the following presentations or movies, please cite the original source.)

  1. [MPS tutorial] Toshi Nishimura: Fast flow channels in the magnetotail and auroral oval: Reconnection, substorm and beyond (pdf)
  2. [GSM tutorial] Alex Glocer: Global modeling of the space environment system (pdf)
  3. [IMAG tutorial] Weichao Tu: Quantitative Modeling of Radiation Belt Dynamics: Overview and Challenges (pdf)
  4. [IMAG tutorial] Seth Claudepierre -- Van Allen Probes: Where We've Been and Where We're Going (pptx)
  5. [SWMI tutorial] Robert Fear: Flux transfer events: Looking ahead to MMS (pptx)
  6. [Student-invited tutorial] Barbara Giles: Engage in NASA's newest flagship to understand the fundamental process of magnetic reconnection -- Magnetospheric Multiscale (ppt)
  7. [MIC tutorial] Stein Haaland: Cold ion outflow from the polar cap (pdf)

2014 Summer Workshop

(Note: If you use any of the following presentations or movies, please cite the original source.)

  1. Drew Turner: Probing the tempest: Current concepts and recent relevations concerning the nature of Earth's inner magnetosphere and geomagnetic storms (pptx)
  2. Joe Huba: Modeling the ionosphere/plasmasphere system: Quiet and stormtime conditions (pdf)
  3. Jim Klimchuk: Onset conditions for impulsive magnetic energy release (pptx)
  4. Phil Pritchett : The kinetic physics of magnetotail dynamics: Reconnection, ballooning, and dipolarization fronts (pdf)
  5. Jim Burch: The science of the MMS mission (ppt)
  6. Antonius Otto: Dayside solar wind-magnetosphere coupling
  7. Jimmy Raeder: Prospects for data assimilation in global magnetosphere models (ppt)
  8. Mike Wiltberger: Determination of the global conductance pattern and its influence on the dynamics of the geospace (pdf)
  9. Robyn Millan: Radiation belts: Lost and found in Antarctica (pdf, Student Selected)

2013 Summer Workshop

(Note: If you use any of the following presentations or movies, please cite the original source.)

  1. Andrei Runov: Magnetotail Transients (pdf)
  2. Michael Shay: Magnetic Reconnection at the Dawn of the MMS Era (pdf); movie-1; movie-2; movie-3; movie-4
  3. Harlan Spence: Recent Science Results from NASA Van Allen Probes (pptx);movie-1; movie-2
  4. Craig Kletzing: Waves in the Radiation Belts: Overview and Initial Results from the Van Allen Probes (pdf)
  5. Lynn Kistler: The Ionospheric Contribution to Magnetospheric Plasma Population (pdf)
  6. Xinlin Li: Results from Colorado Students Space Weather Experiment (CSSWE) (pdf) [Special Talk]
  7. John Lyon: Future Directions for Global Magnetospheric Modeling (key)
  8. Reiner Friedel: Wave-particle Interaction in the Inner Magnetosphere (ppt) [Student Selected]

2012 Summer Workshop

  1. Harry Warren:Supra Arcade Downflows and Evidence for Magnetic Reconnection in Solar Flares (pdf) (June 18, 2012)
  2. Harlan Spence:Radiation Belt Reflections: Peering Back and Looking Forward to the Radiation Belt Storm Probes Mission (ppt)Launch(wmv)
  3. Bob Strangeway: The Magnetospheric Cusp: Solar Wind – Magnetosphere – Ionosphere – Thermosphere Coupling (ppt) (June 19, 2012)
  4. Mona Kessel:Science of NASA's Radiation Belt Storm Probes(ppt)
  5. Misha Sitnov: Empirical geomagnetic field modeling (pdf) Empirical geomagnetic field modeling (ppt)
  6. Paul Cassak: Theory of Magnetic Reconnection for Magnetospheric Applications (pdf) (June 21, 2012)
  7. Dick Wolf:Transport From the Tail to the Inner Magnetosphere (pdf)Movie (mov)(June 21, 2012)

2011 CEDAR-GEM Workshop

(By courtesy of CEDAR Web at

The 2011 Second Joint CEDAR-GEM Workshop had two IT-MAG perspectives on Outflow and on Coupling, and IT-MAG System Science which were included on the first DVD. The second DVD contains the GEM-CEDAR Student sponsored tutorial by Anthea Coster, plus the CEDAR Prize Lecture by Joe Huba, and a CEDAR Science Highlight by Callum Anderson. The third DVD was a special joint Workshop on Data Assimilation talks aimed at students. The total is (148+111+110 = 369min) 6h 9min on 3 DVDs with breakpoints and tables of contents. The price for a single DVD is $25, while the set of 3 is $70. For the second time, all the videos are on-line as H.264-MPEG4 videos which can be viewed with QuickTime. The powerpoint slides are available as .pdf files or .mp4 videos linked below.

1) DVD 1 of 3 (IT/MAG Perspectives (20+17+32=69min) and System Science (7+28+19+23=77 min) 148 min total)

2) DVD 2 of 3, CEDAR-GEM Student Tutorial (52 min), CEDAR Prize Lecture #22 (41 min), and CEDAR Science Highlight (18 min) or 111 min total

3) DVD 3 of 3, Tutorial/Workshop on Data Assimilation (2+35+23+30+20=110 min)

2010 Summer Workshop

  1. David Sibeck: Don't go with the flow An Invitation to research on the Foreshock and magnetosheath (pdf) (Monday, June 21)
  2. Josh Semeter: The NSF AMISR Project: New Eyes on M-I Coupling (pdf)(Monday, June 21)
  3. Antonius Otto: The geomagnetic cusps: Magnetic topology and physical processes (pptx)[(pdf) (Tuesday, June 22)
  4. Margaret Kivelson Learning about Earth's plasma processes from studies of other magnetospheres (pdf(Tuesday, June 22)
  5. Jacob Bortnik Current challenges and opportunities in radiation belt and wave research (ppt) (pdf) (Wednesday, June 23)
  6. Jim Slavin (tail WG) Reconnection in Planetary Magnetic Tails (pdf) Thursday June 24)
  7. Jeffrey Hughes: Quo Vadis? (ppt)(pdf) (Thursday June 24)
  8. Gabor Toth Space Weather Modeling Framework: past, present and future (pdf) (Friday June 25)
  9. Antti Pulkkinen: Geomagnetically induced currents -- physics and applications (ppt) (pdf) (Friday June 25)

2009 Summer Workshop

  1. Steve Petrinec: The magnetosheath (ppt) (pdf) (Monday, June 22)
  2. Mei-Ching Fok: Ring current modeling - approaches, status and outstanding questions (ppt) (pdf) (Monday, June 22)
  3. Alec Glocer: Modeling ionospheric outflows and their effect on the magnetosphere (Tuesday, June 23)
  4. Jay Johnson: Challenges in understanding plasma entry and transport (ppt) (pdf) (Tuesday, June 23)
  5. George Siscoe: From the Chapman-Ferraro Magnetosphee to the Dungey-Alfven Magnetosphere(ppt) (pdf) (Students-sponsored tutorial, Wednesday, June 24)
  6. Bill Lotko: Does geospace exercise self control? (ppt)(pdf) (Thursday, June 24)
  7. Aaron Ridley: Climatological modeling using the AMIE code (ppt)(pdf) (Thursday, June 24)
  8. Brian Anderson: Near-term new observational capabilities in M-I coupling: AMPERE and the mid-latitude SuperDARN chain(ppt) (pdf)(Friday, June 25)
  9. Dick Wolf: Entropy and earthward transport in the plasma sheet (ppt) (pdf)(Friday, June 25)

2008 GEM-SHINE Workshop

  1. Robert L. McPherron: What Do Magnetospheric Physicists Need from a Solar Wind Model?
  2. Maria Spasojevic: Plasmasphere-Magnetosphere Interactions
  3. Larry Kepko: Modes and Timescales of Magnetotail Transport
  4. Nigel Meredith: Local Acceleration and Loss of Relativistic Electrons in the Earth’s Outer Radiation Belt
  5. Janet Kozyra: Space Weather: Observational evidence for coupling and feedbacks involving the ITM
  6. Joe Huba: Ionosphere/Thermosphere/Magnetosphere:ITM Electrodynamic Coupling
  7. Eric Donovan: Expansion Phase Onset
  8. John Lyons

2007 Summer Workshop

  1. Jimmy Raeder: Quo vadis, GGCM?
  2. Nick Omidi: Use of Hybrid & MHD Models in Addressing TADMAC's Objectives
  3. Vassilis Angelopoulos
  4. Paul O'Brien Space Radiation Climatology: A New Paradigm for Inner Magnetosphere Simulation and Data Analysis
  5. Eric Donovan: Diffuse Aurora
  6. Harlan Spence
  7. Antonius Otto
  8. Joachim Birn

2006 Summer Workshop

  1. R. J. Strangeway: Using the CCMC – Tutorial
  2. M. Liemohn: Ring Current and Plasmasphere Accomplishments During the GEM IM/S Campaign
  3. P. M. Kintner, Jr. et al. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling Below 3000 km: Conversion of Upwelling Ions to Escaping Ions or If O+ is important in the magnetosphere, how does it get out of the ionosphere?
  4. K. J. Trattner: Using the Cusp to Study Magnetic Reconnection
  5. T. E. Moore: Ionospheric Plasma in the Earth’s Magnetotail
  6. Kazue Takahashi: Magnetoseismology for the inner magnetosphere
  7. Tuija Pulkkinen: Energy as a global-scale diagnostic for MI coupling processes
  8. R. M. Thorne: Physical Processes in the Radiation Belts:10 Years of GEM IMS Accomplishments
  9. A. N.. Wright: The Physics of Field-Aligned Currents
  10. M. Hesse: Kinetic Processes and MHD Models:Can they work together?
  11. C. T. Russell: Time-Varying Reconnection
  12. R. Fear: FTE motion:Comparison with the Cooling model
  13. T. E. Moore: Reconnection

2005 GEM-CEDAR Workshop

  1. Gang Lu: Auroral Boundaries:Finding Them in Data and Models
  2. Tim Killeen: CEDAR 1983-2005
  3. C. T. Russell: GeospaceEnvironment Modeling GEM): Not Business as Usual
  4. Bob Spiro: Sub-AuroralElectric Fields:An Inner Magnetosphere Perspective
  5. John Foster: DASI - Distributed Arrays of Small Instruments
  6. Vladimir Papitashvili: e-Science for Geoscience:Virtual Observatories in the Framework of “Electronic Geophysical Year”
  7. Michael Wiltberger: Modeling Interactions between the Magnetosphere, Ionosphere & Thermosphere
  8. Tomoko Matsuo: Understanding data assimilation:how observations and a model are weaved into the analysis via statistics
  9. Robert L McPherron: MI Coupling from a Magnetospheric Point of View
  10. Rod Heelis: Magnetosphere Ionosphere Coupling: IonosphericPerspective
  11. Aaron Ridley: The tribulations and exaltations in coupling models of the magnetosphere with ionosphere-thermosphere models
  12. Hudson et al.: ULF Wave Modelling With A Motive: Effects on Energetic Particles
  13. Mike Kelley: The Advanced Modular Incoherent Scatter Radar (AMISR): Project Review and Initial Results
  14. Janet Kozyra: Mass and Energy Flows into the Ionosphere from the Plasmasphere-Ring Current Interface: New Views from Superstorms
  15. Masaki Fujimoto
  16. Vahe Peroomian

2004 Summer Workshop

  1. Joe Borovsky: The Dependence of the Plasma Sheet on the Solar Wind
  2. Cecilia DeLuca: Architecture of the Earth System Modeling Framework
  3. G. Siscoe: The Cusp and Its Role In Magnetosphere Dynamics
  4. Bob Schunk: The 3-D Extended Ionosphere
  5. Jerry Goldstein
  6. Stan Sazykin: Coupling of the Rice Convection Model to global MHD codes
  7. Geoff Reeves
  8. Stephen Fuselier
  9. Chris Chaston

2003 Summer Workshop

  1. Michele F. Thomsen: Storm-Time Dynamics of the Inner Magnetosphere: Observations of Sources and Transport
  2. Robert M. Wingleee: Multi-Fluid/Particle Treatment of Magnetospheric-Ionospheric Coupling During Substorms and Storms
  3. Jeff Thayer: M-I Coupling from the Ionosphere-Thermosphere Perspective: Melting the Frozen-In Flux
  4. Bob Lysak: Electrodynamic Coupling of the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere
  5. X. Blanco-Cano: Formation of Planetary Magnetospheres. What can we learn from global hybrid simulations?
  6. Vania K.Jordanova: Modeling Geomagnetic Storm Dynamics
  7. Scot R. Elkington: Transport in the Radiation Belts and the role of Magnetospheric ULF Waves
  8. Terry Onsger: Mass Transport: To the Plasma Sheet – and Beyond!
  9. Ludger Scherliess: Data Assimilation for the Space Environment
  10. R. G. Roble: The Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model (WACCM)

2002 Summer Workshop

  1. Sorin Zaharia: Electrodynamics of M-I Coupling
  2. Yongli Wang: Global MHD Simulation in Geospace
  3. Jerry Goldstein: Inner Magnetospheric Shielding, Penetration Electric Field, and the Plasmasphere
  4. H. Karimabadi: Latest Advances in “Hybrid” Codes & their Application to Global Magnetospheric Simulations A New Approach to Simulations of Complex Systems
  5. R. A. Wolf: Inner Magnetospheric Electric Fields
  6. Richard Horne: Electron Acceleration and Loss in the Earth’s Radiation Belts: The Contribution of waveparticle Interactions
  7. Andrew Yau
  8. Jim McFadden
  9. Geoff Reeves

2001 GEM-SHINE Workshop

  1. Umran Inan
  2. Jim Burch
  3. Ennio Sanchez
  4. Bill White
  5. Kiyoshi Maezawa
  6. Harlan Spence
  7. Ian Mann

2000 Summer Workshop

  1. George Siscoe: 70 Years of Magnetospheric Modeling: A Tutorial
  2. C. T. Russell: Geoeffectiveness of Solar Wind Transients
  3. Thomas E. Moore: The Magnetosphere as a Sink of Ionospheric Plasma
  4. Eftyhia Zesta: Tail Auroral Current Responses to Solar Wind Dynamic Pressure Enhancements
  5. Robert J. Strangeway: Outstanding Issues in Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling: The Three-Dimensional Ionosphere
  6. Mike Norman
  7. Pat Reiff
  8. Joe Borovsky

1999 Summer Workshop

  1. Anthony Chan: Theory and Modeling of the Radiation Belts
  2. Robert L. McPherron: GEM WORKSHOP 1999 STUDENT COMMISSIONED TUTORIAL:“What are they arguing about?”SUBSTORMS!
  3. V.Angelopoulos: Plasma Sheet Flows And Relationship To Substorms
  4. Jim Drake: The emerging Physics of Collisionless Magnetic Reconnection
  5. Axel Korth
  6. Bill Lotko
  7. K. Palaniappan
  8. Gary Heckmann