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Modeling Methods and Validation

Contact us about participating in your challenge!

We're currently working with other focus groups on science-focused challenges:
ULF Waves
Mid-Tail Modeling
Dayside Kinetics
Ionospheric Outflow
3D Ionospheric Electrodynamics - Conductance Challenge

General validation session on Monday morning at 10:30 at the upcoming GEM 2019 workshop:

Speakers and Topics:
Natalia Ganjushkina - Metrics for Minute-Scale Variations of keV Electrons in the Inner Magnetosphere
Adam Kellerman - Validation of 3D electron radiation belt modeling using in situ measurements: Implemented at the CCMC
Lutz Rastaetter - CCMC update + 2D validation and 2D to 1D timeline validation
Katherine Garcia-Sage - Focus group update and planning

Contact: Katherine Garcia-Sage, Lutz Rastaetter, Rob Redmon, and/or Mike Liemohn

Conductance Challenge

The conductance challenge is now hosted by the 3D Ionospheric Electrodynamics Focus Group.

See below for past presentations.

Mini-GEM 2017 talks by Steve Kaeppler, Tomoko Matsuo, Margaret Chen, and Bill Lotko.

Kaeppler - What does Incoherent Scatter Radar bring to Conductance Specification?


Matsuo - Role of the Conductance in Making Sense of High-latitude Geospace Observations


Chen - Efforts to Improve Modeling of Ionospheric Conductance and Inner Magnetospheric Electric


Lotko - M-I Coupling in Global MHD Simulations


Challenge Events:

2016 Oct 13-15 ICME (Dst=-104, F10.7=95)
2013 Mar 17