FG: The Ionospheric Source of Magnetospheric Plasma

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Agenda at the 2013 Summer Workshop

(Presentations should be planned for 10 minutes with 5 minutes of discussion)

Session 4-1: Observational and Modeling Mysteries, June 19, 10:30am, Salon D

  • Bob Schunk: Neutral Polar Wind Mysteries
  • Rick Chappell: The Low Energy Invisible Plasma Mystery
  • Bill Lotko: Issues, Challenges and Advances Required for Outflow and Magnetospheric Modeling
  • Joe Borovsky: The Plasma Cloak:Where It Comes From, How Often It Occurs, and Its Impact On Dayside Reconnection.
  • Dan Welling: Outflow Effects on CPCP
  • Naritoshi Kitamura: The Effect of Photoelectrons on the Polar Wind

Session 4-2: The Magnetosphere-Ionosphere System With and Without Outflow, June 19, 1:30pm, Salon D

  • Dan Welling: Outflow versus No Outflow: Difficulties of Excluding Outflow
  • Schunk/Abdallah: Escape of Plasma and Neutral Gas from the Earth's Upper Atmosphere
  • Lynn Kistler: Relationship Between Sawtooth Events and O+ in the Plasma Sheet
  • Yanhua Liu: The Thickness of O+ Mediated Reconnecting Current Sheet
  • Alex Glocer: Superthermal Electrons and MI Coupling in Modeling Ionospheric Outflow
  • Roger Varney: The Nature of Heat Flows Into the Daylit Polar Cap Ionosphere

Session 4-3: General Contributions in Measurements, Modeling and Merging, June 19, 3:30pm, Salon D

  • Dennis Gallagher: Dynamics Explorer-1 Ion Densities and Temperatures
  • Richard Denton, Jonathan Krall, Joe Huba: SAMI3 Plasmasphere Simulations
  • Eric Donovan: Mechanisms of Energetic Mass Ejection Xplorer (MEMEX) Mission
  • Karimabadi Homayoun: What Can We Gain By Coupling the Ionospheric Models To 3D Global Hybrid Simulations?

Session 4-4: Focus Group Planning Session—June 20, 10:30am, Salon D

  • Suggestions, mini-presentations and discussion are encouraged to guide future focus group activities.

(Focus Group agenda for download)

Focus Group Proposal (December 2010)

The Ionospheric Source of Magnetospheric Plasma - Measuring, Modeling and Merging into the GEM GGCM by Bob Schunk, Rick Chappell, and Dan Welling