2020 Virtual-GEM Workshop

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Below is a high-level session schedule for the 2020 Virtual GEM Summer Workshop, provided by the Focus Group Leaders and Research Area Coordinators. For the most up to date workshop information, please refer to the GEM Workshop Website. To see the detailed and up to date schedule, please log into the VGEM 2020 Website using the information provided to you after registration.

Please also refer to the GEM Focus Groups, Modeling Methods Methods and Validation Resource Group, and Machine Learning in Geospace pages for more information.

Monday, July 20

  • Student Day

Tuesday, July 21

1100-1230 EDT: Plenary Session

  • IMAG Tutorial - Rick Chapell: The impact of Ionospheric Plasma on the Magnetosphere
  • Student Invited Tutorial - Lauren Blum: Exploring the magnetosphere with the next generation of CubeSats

1300-1430 EDT: Concurrent Session 1

See IEMIT, RX, RB, and BSH.

1500-1630 EDT: Concurrent Session 2

See IEMIT, RX, RB, and BSH.

Wednesday, July 22

1100-1230 EDT: Plenary Session

  • NSF - Michael Wiltberger, Ajuli Bamzai, Lisa Winter
  • NASA - Nicola Fox: NASA Heliophysics Division: Highlights and Updates
  • NOAA - Howard Singer: NOAA Liaison Report: Highlights of Activities
  • DEI - Ramon Lopez: How to make your PhD program more diverse

1300-1430 EDT: Concurrent Session 1

See M3-I2, UMEA, IMM, and DIP

1500-1630 EDT: Concurrent Session 2

See M3-I2, UMEA, IMM, and joint DIP/MMV

1700-1900 EDT: Decadal Future and Beyond

➡ 1700-1800 Speakers + Q&A

  • Decadal Survey Process and Heliophysics 2050 workshop: Jared Leisner (10 min)
  • Midterm Assessment and planning for the new Decadal: Robyn Millan (10 min)
  • DRIVE Center elevator pitches:

        ‣ SOLSTICE [PI: Tamas Gombosi] (5 min)

        ‣ CGS [PI: Slava Merkin] (5 min)

        ‣ CUSIA [PI: Dan Welling] (5 min)

        ‣ Do Habitable Worlds Require Magnetic Fields? [PI: David Brain] (5 min)

  • Q&A (20 min)

➡ 1800-1900 Breakout rooms with group discussion (30 mins) - reconvene to summarize discussions (30 mins)

Thursday, July 23

1100-1230 EDT: Plenary Session

  • MPS Tutorial - Barry Mauk: Comparative Magnetospheres and Aurora
  • MMV Tutorial - Tara Jensen: METplus - A Unified Verification and Validation Tool for a Coupled Modeling System

1300-1430 EDT: Concurrent Session 1


1500-1630 EDT: Concurrent Session 2

See DAYS, DIP, joint CP/IMM, IHMIC, and ML